In between seasons, in between spaces

208079 TIDG - 6848By Yanic Simard with photo by  Ted Yarwood

Summer is coming! Even if sometimes it doesn’t seem to be arriving fast enough, the warm weather is slowly setting in
outside - it’s only natural to want to enjoy this sunny feeling indoors as well. Apply my design tips, and you can to start to enjoy the great outdoors immediately!

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Earth Day – Reflecting on our home

earth day april 22By Elisa Krovblit

House, condo, apartment, mansion, bungalow, pad, loft, chateau, cabin, cottage... Regardless of where you do your living, we all share one home, the Earth. Today, April 22, marks Earth Day. There are a lot of events and activities you can do for Earth Day, from cleaning up parks to helping plant new trees and public gardens, for a list of local activities visit And bring a little Earth Day into your home with these top environmentally friendly picks!

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Five tips for decorating a kid’s room from Dulux paint

DULUX Photo 2By Sara Duck

Are you enjoying a stay-cation this March Break? Why not indulge the kid's in a decorating project for their own room? The pro's at Dulux paint give great tips for creating a room your child will love and grow into. Remember to make the decorating day fun, get them involved, take snack breaks, listen to music and enjoy. Happy decorating!

Involve the kids. They’re going to spend a lot of time in the space, so make sure your kids are consulted on the decor. When kids take ownership of a project, they value the outcome that much more. Ask them what colours they want for their rooms, or have them choose their own bedding and work around that colour scheme. Browse magazines and online websites together to get a sense of your children’s taste and preferences. Once the job is done, reserve a space on the wall for your kids to “sign” their work with handprints.
Plan for growth. Kids grow up pretty quickly, so ensure the colours you choose can mature with them. Bright pink may be your child’s favourite colour today, but for a longer-term investment, try settling on dusty rose, which can be adapted for a teen simply by changing the room’s accessories. Pastel hues from any colour family transition well as a child grows and tastes change. Similarly, bolder colours, like royal blue and violet, can suit the tastes of a toddler through to a young adult. “Colours can have a tremendous effect on the mood and well-being of children, so it’s important to do your research before tackling a decor project for a kid’s room,” said Martin Tustin-Fuchs, brand manager of DULUX paint, a brand of PPG Architectural Coatings.
See it their way. Get down on your knees and look at the space from your children’s perspective. Consider creating a more livable environment by painting a focal wall with a mural, like a jungle scene, to ensure the room is a desired place to hang out and play. Or, paint only part of the wall with a whimsical design. That one wall can easily be repainted later on. Affix stars or other fun designs to the ceiling and the kids will actually look forward to bedtime. Glue small toys or puzzle pieces on photo frames, mirrors, curtain rods and lamp tops to add extra appeal.

Think “off the wall.” Consider livening up your child’s room by creating fun-looking walls. Faux finishing is one way to go, from simple methods like sponging to more complicated ragging and combing. Unique designs can easily be made using common household items like plastic bags, container lids, scrub brushes, combs or old clothing. Another option is colour blocking. Choose an accent wall and paint stripes, squares or other geometric shapes using two or three different colours.

Wash worries away: The walls of kids’ rooms go through ample wear and tear, so ensure the paint you use can take a beating. Durability and washability are key features to look for in a paint to prevent scuffs and keep dirt and grime at bay. Use top-of-the-line DULUX Diamond Interior paint, a 100-percent acrylic paint that uses advanced stain-resistant technologies, to safeguard walls. An eggshell or pearl finish is recommended for longest-lasting results.

For more information about DULUX paint and to view colour samples, visit or a DULUX paint store near you.


Honest Ed's Hand painted signs - yellow red blue vibrant sale signs

By Elisa Krovblit

One of Toronto's iconic businesses is starting its swan song - and oh, what a strange and surprise-filled song it's sure to be. The opening notes come in the form of a sale on Honest Ed's collection of hand-painted sale signs. Thousands of them. The bright little signs - the all-but-lost-art of show card writing - will be stamped authentic and signed. The sale starts today (March 10) at 11 am. Read more


Planned, Painted, Updated!

77044897(1)By Darryl Karpel

Painting a house is a notoriously time-consuming and expensive endeavour, which is why updates tend not to happen often. But with some careful planning, it’s actually a project that can be completed in a Saturday. Many of these tips might seem like an extra hassle, but will actually make the paint job easier (and therefore faster) and without sacrificing an ounce of quality. And in the end save time on clean-up!

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And the Oscar goes to…

CrooksChampagneBy Sara Duck

You will be the winner of the night by serving movie-themed cocktails, at your Oscar viewing party! Iceberg Vodka, a purely Canadian Vodka made with ancient water harvested from icebergs in the North Atlantic off the coast of Newfoundland, offer the following recipes.

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Get a luxe kitchen look on a big-box budget

Kt3Dreaming of a new look for your home? A designer kitchen on a budget is within your reach. Think the big-box stores only offer a cookie-cutter look? Think again. With a little creativity there are some simple ways to get a luxe-look in your home, on a big-box budget. With these easy tips from Cutler Kitchen and Bath – you can make your dream home a reality on a budget.

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Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 5.55.07 PM

By Sara Duck

Listen up all you mama's and papa's to-be. Bouclair Home has just announced the arrival of a new baby collection.

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March issue of HD&R GTA

001-HnD_LOWFor those of you living in Ontario, keep your eyes peeled for the latest issue of Home Decor & Renovations magazine. Our March issue is jam-packed with kitchen and bathroom ideas, along with inspiring spring trends and it's out this Saturday, February 22! For those non-Ontario residents, don't worry, you can always catch up on the latest issues online in our magazine gallery.

A day to say “I love you”

By Elisa Krovblit

valentines day heart scrolling image in black and whiteValentine's Day is the one day a year where big heart shaped boxes of chocolate are encouraged and no day is complete without some heart-shaped-thing-a-ma-bob presented as a declaration of your love. Skip the trip to the candy aisle and instead get creative with your I Love You.

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Photo by Arash Moallemi

Photo by Arash Moallemi

By Sara Duck

A very cool exhibit guest curated by Grammy and Oscar nominated artist Pharrell Williams is running at the Toronto Design Exchange. This Is Not A Toy: An Exhibition of Contemporary Art + Collectible Design is the world’s first exhibition featuring a collection of contemporary sculptures, figurines and artworks created by artists including Takashi Murakami, KAWS, FriendsWithYou, Coarse, Huck Gee, and Frank Kozik. Feb. 7 - May. 19, 2014. Visit

Cool collaboration at West Elm

Steven Alan CollectionBy Sara Duck

West Elm has teamed up with super talented fashion designer Steven Allen - for a stripe infused collection of bedding, vases, rugs and side tables. We love it all and can’t wait to show our stripes! Visit

Canada, let’s get more organized!


Canada is known for being a nation of universal politeness, lovers of sport and according to a recent Canadian Tire survey a nation who loves to keep their spaces organized and stuff neatly stored away.

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A few of my favourite things… from IDS

indexBy Sara Duck

I spent last Friday at the Interior Design Show feeling inspired. Inspired to redecorate spaces in my home (don't tell my husband), inspired to think outside the box when it comes to design and inspired to support local talent. If you missed the show and are looking for your own hit of inspiration, check out a few of my favourite exhibits.

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Catching up with Lisa Canning at IDS

LisaCanningBy Sara Duck

Don't miss the Interior Design Show, happening this weekend at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (north building). Every year this event brings its A-Game with  inspiring exhibitors, seminars and big names from the design world. We caught up with the super talented Toronto-based interior stylist Lisa Canning who has created a space for the National Bank Design Stop exhibit.

What was your inspiration for your space with National Bank’s exhibit ?
The inspiration for the National Bank Design Stop was a modern garden. We wanted to create a streamlined, contemporary space with clean lines and manicured greenery elements. It's going to be a comfortable space for show visitors to pause and talk design.

What design tips can people take away from the space you created?
I've outlined my favourite design trends for 2014 at the National Bank Design Stop: gold & brass, saturated colour and luxury at home. Luxury at home is my favourite trend - it's an approach to fine details, personalized touches and luxe living on any budget.

What do you love about IDS?
I love the energy of great creative minds connecting. I like IDS to homecoming for the design community - I love connecting with old friends, learning about new products and strengthening relationships at the show. I also love the opportunity to collaborate with great brands that appreciate good design, the importance of design as an industry, and how it betters our lives. Where we live, and how we interact with our space, has such an influence on our quality of life. This year, I am so excited to partner with the National Bank to help people live the best quality of life possible by offering design consultations at the show. There is so much potential when a space is used well!

Who are you hoping to bump into this year at the show?
I would love to connect with Patrizia Moroso, the international guest of honour, creative director of Moroso, one beautiful line of furniture. I'd also love to connect with Dr. Markus Miele and Dr. Reinhard Zinkann, managing directors and co-proprietors of the Miele Group. I'd love to ask them their best strategies for delivering a consistent brand promise over so many years.

What is your advice for staying glam during this active weekend event?
This is a great question! While I am a lover of my heels, bring your flats for this event. There's so much to see and be inspired by that you want to make sure you can traverse the show in comfort. If heels are your vice (they certainly are mine!) ensure you break it up by stopping for a coffee, testing out comfortable furniture, and pausing for some design advice at the National Bank Design Stop with me! Lastly, check your coat and bring a stylish, yet roomy bag to carry all the goodies you are bound to scoop up.

Tips for finding the right fireplace

16x48-tiles-ash-Rykert-2By Khai Foo

There are few things more traditional than a hearth at the centre of a home. Although central heating has been commonplace for the better part of a century, the fireplace still holds a place of honour in our homes. Regardless of whether we live in a studio apartment on the 22nd floor of a high-rise or a sprawling suburban split-level, fireplaces are iconic features of domestic design. Read more

And the winners are…

Thank you to everyone who entered our  Korhani Home contest to win one of five limited edition rugs designed by the HD+R team. We had an amazing response! And now without further delay, here are the winners in each province.

Toronto, Ontario: Janna Fraser

Winnipeg, Manitoba: Leigh Nash

Calgary, Alberta: Scott Billingsley

Edmonton, Alberta: Linda Cosby

North Vancouver, British Columbia: Wayne London

We will be contacting the winners via email in the new year.


- the HD&R Team




Let’s Party!

photo 2By Sara Duck

Last weekend, my husband and I threw a fifth anniversary party for our best friends. Of course, I agonized over the all the details. I wanted it to be special for the couple and our guests without it looking overdone. Here is how the party came together... Read more

Give a stylish cup of cheer.

GREEN MOUNTAIN COFFEE ROASTERS, INC. - A perfect cupBy Elisa Krovblit

Great gifts take a lot of thought. Gifts that support a great cause are simply inspired. When you get that perfect combination – a great gift for a great cause, well that's clearly one of this season's Must-Haves! The limited edition Pink Tartan mug from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters' Keurig brand is sure to be a popular gift that keeps on giving – with all proceeds all going to Toronto East General Hospital Foundation.
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Get them tools, bricks, nails – even the kitchen sink!!

Toolbox for Renovation Essentials, $250

Toolbox for Renovation Essentials, $250

By Elisa Krovblit

Need some gift-giving inspiration for that special someone who has everything? Get them tools, bricks, nails, even the kitchen sink! It's perfect for him – or her. Grandma will love it, your boss will be thrilled. And someone you don't even know will be more grateful than you'll ever know, as Habitat for Humanity offers The GiftBuilder Catalogue to raise money in efforts to build 1,800 more homes from families across Canada


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Create: Picture wall

Love this cascading picture wall. Visit

Love this cascading picture wall. Pinned from

By Sara Duck

Looking for a DIY project this weekend? Why not take those beautiful photos you have been meaning to show-off and create a personalized picture wall. Sound daunting? We've got all the tips and inspiration to get you motivated.

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Snuggle Up!


By Elisa Krovblit

I call this 'Snuggle Season'

It's not warm enough to leave the furnace off but it's not cold enough to turn it up. You want to leave it off more than on - it's hard to get comfortable without walking around your home adding and subtracting layers. So, until the mercury really plummets I rely on snuggling up under blankets and throws.

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Q&A with Remodelista’s Julie Carlson


By Sara Duck

Julie Carlson, founding editor of ubber popular design blog visited Toronto this week to support her new book Remodelista: A Manual for the Considered Home. This must-have book for design lovers and remodelista's alike includes in-depth tours and lessons from 12 inspiring homes; a breakdown of the hardest-working kitchens and baths; do-it-yourself projects and more. HD&R caught up with the busy editor to chat about all things design and remodel related.

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5 tips for decorating a small space

Yanic-Simard,-Ted-YarwoodBy Yanic Simard Photo by Ted Yarwood

Decorating a small space needs a lot of thought, but the result is a fully-functional and practical, yet warm and livable home. Here are my five tips for living stylishly in a small space.

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