Inspiration: Throw a harvest themed party

unnamedBy Sara Duck

On the last weekend in September, I hosted a 40th anniversary party for my parents in their backyard (I kicked them out of their own house for the day!). After the bipolar weather we've had, I really hesitated to plan a soirée outside but I had a vision for the party and it involved a backyard setting. Fortunately, the weather cooperated and the party went off without a hitch! Here are a few simple ideas I used to plan the fall fête.

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Big impact in small spaces

Unknown-2by Jennifer Rudolph

Bathrooms are the most expensive room per square foot to build or renovate in your home. It’s home to a variety of requirements including plumbing, electrical, venting and heating, not to mention a myriad of finishes all living in harmony in one small space.  Although most of these elements meet practical functional needs, don't overlook the opportunity to showcase materials that offer a little bit of indulgence and invoke a feeling of luxury.  After all it is the place where we rejuvenate and reset daily, so why not.

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