Earth Day – Reflecting on our home

earth day april 22By Elisa Krovblit

House, condo, apartment, mansion, bungalow, pad, loft, chateau, cabin, cottage... Regardless of where you do your living, we all share one home, the Earth. Today, April 22, marks Earth Day. There are a lot of events and activities you can do for Earth Day, from cleaning up parks to helping plant new trees and public gardens, for a list of local activities visit earthday.ca. And bring a little Earth Day into your home with these top environmentally friendly picks!

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Honest Ed's Hand painted signs - yellow red blue vibrant sale signs

By Elisa Krovblit

One of Toronto's iconic businesses is starting its swan song - and oh, what a strange and surprise-filled song it's sure to be. The opening notes come in the form of a sale on Honest Ed's collection of hand-painted sale signs. Thousands of them. The bright little signs - the all-but-lost-art of show card writing - will be stamped authentic and signed. The sale starts today (March 10) at 11 am. Read more


March issue of HD&R GTA

001-HnD_LOWFor those of you living in Ontario, keep your eyes peeled for the latest issue of Home Decor & Renovations magazine. Our March issue is jam-packed with kitchen and bathroom ideas, along with inspiring spring trends and it's out this Saturday, February 22! For those non-Ontario residents, don't worry, you can always catch up on the latest issues online in our magazine gallery.