Tips for finding the right fireplace

16x48-tiles-ash-Rykert-2By Khai Foo

There are few things more traditional than a hearth at the centre of a home. Although central heating has been commonplace for the better part of a century, the fireplace still holds a place of honour in our homes. Regardless of whether we live in a studio apartment on the 22nd floor of a high-rise or a sprawling suburban split-level, fireplaces are iconic features of domestic design. Read more

The good life begins in the kitchen

John-and-AnthonyBy Susan Legge

Looking for kitchen renovation inspiration with a touch of la dolce vita? If the two charming hosts of the HGTV hit show Kitchen Cousins don’t add some zest to your renovation plans, nothing will. Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri have been busy making a living renovating homes in the New Jersey area for years, and the close-knit cousins continue to operate Brunelleschi Construction, a family-run business with Italian-American while filming their newest program, Cousins on Call. Their new show has them traveling and constructing big-buck yet budget, yet friendly renovations all across the United States.

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cottage care

HD&R chats with Peter Khatami, co-owner of Nostco Construction, on getting to work at the cottage, so that you can enjoy your summer longer!

Q Mother Nature can really do a number on the cottage over the winter months. Are there any exterior materials you’d recommend for a low-maintenance solution that can withstand
any weather?

A The exterior of any building such as your home, cottage or commercial space is constructed in a number of layers. Typically, there are three main layers of protection: sheathing, waterproof membrane and veneer. With each, there are a number of options on the market, but they all perform the same essential task. The veneer is the outermost layer that is visible to everyone. The most popular veneers are brick, stone, vinyl siding and stucco. The veneer takes the brunt of the forces that Mother Nature can dish out.

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