Now is a great time to plan for that renovation!

Now is the time to plan for that renovationBy Bryan Tuckey

Maybe you’re looking to update your kitchen, modernize your bathroom, spruce up your living room, create an office nook or finish your basement. These kinds of projects take time to plan for, and I suggest that you seek out a qualified expert to make your renovation dreams come true.

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The Outdoor Room

Carson_2By Carson Arthur

The backyard is the perfect spot for outdoor entertaining, and has replaced the ‘party room’ in the basement as the location to hold dinner parties, brunches or just drinks with friends. For the last 10 years, the term ‘outdoor room’ has been used by realtors and homeowners to refer to any type of seating outside. You can’t assume that if you have a deck or a patio, you have an outdoor room. Another consideration is the ability to use an outdoor room for more than just spring and summer.Here are key items that you need to create the perfect outdoor room.

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