Five tips for working with colour

DSC_8285By Lisa Canning/ Photo by Larry Arnal

I would argue that colour, among all the components that go into a room’s design, is the most influential factor in the overall success of a room. Your choice of colour can make a space feel soft and serene, bold and invigorating, or playful and whimsical – so it’s essential to ensure the correct colours are utilized to achieve the mood, or overall feel you want to accomplish. Here are my top five tips for adding colour to a room to achieve a look you’ll love.

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Tips to create a relaxing bedroom


By Jo Alcorn/ photo by Jason Hartog

You spend a third of your day in your bedroom, so it should be a relaxing place to unwind and get that important beauty sleep your body needs. Recently, I gave my bedroom a major makeover. Here are my top tips to create a beautiful and comfortable bedroom retreat on any budget.

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