Year-Round Comfort

Dyson-AM04-Hot-and-Cool-Fanby Stephanie MacDonald

Last summer, July was one of the hottest on record, and coincidentally my family happened to come into possession of a Dyson Hot + Cool Air Multiplying Fan. Originally, we were more enamoured with the vacuum we obtained at the same time and the fan just sort of sat there, but as the heat continued to make our home into a sweat lodge the fan was plugged in and our lives were changed. Cool breezes prevailed against the heat, and the quiet, gentle cooling effect made our home habitable again.

In the winter, this fan proves even more indispensable, it can actually heat our main floor in less time than either the gas fireplace or the electric heat, and it's so portable we even take it to the cabin up in Whistler. Like all Dyson products, it's a bit expensive, but worth every single penny - you'll save more in electricity in a year than it costs to buy, so it's a great investment.

Soothing Water Features Add Zen to Any Outdoor Area

water_feature_narrow_recycling_fountain_lgby Stephanie MacDonald

It's no coincidence that waterfront property commands the highest prices in real estate. But even if you can't afford your own beachfront estate, you can still add the special, relaxing ambiance that water creates to your home. No matter what kind of yard you have, there's a water feature that can make it more beautiful and tranquil.

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“I Can’t Believe that’s A Prefab House!”

SC-06 - Bowen - 299 straightenedby Jeff Leung

Take a look at some of the range of prefab homes out there, from cozy cottages to immaculate chalets and you, too, will find yourself exclaiming, "That's prefab?" Prefabricated home packages have been ordered and built for over a century.  Originating as early as 1908, plans for prefabricated homes could be ordered through the Sears & Roebuck Co, better know in modern times as the Sears Catalogue.  Why this building process fell off standard build practices for the early part of the 21st century is a mystery, but lately, with more focus on modern, greener and more alternative ways of building unique homes, there has been a resurgence of the Prefab Home Process.

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