Save Your Sanity – Hire An Energy Advisor

HKP-DDB-BCHydro-PowerSmart-7568-worker_checklist_homeownerby Kari Kylo

Kitchen backsplash tiles – check. Stone countertops – check. Fresh paint colours for the kids’ bedrooms – check. I was thrilled with the progress I had made on my home renovation list. The enjoyable part of picking out colours and finalizing designs had ignited my creative spirit, and at last I was going to have the visually spectacular home that I had always dreamed of.

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It’s always summer indoors when you have an indoor water feature

71M4C7rBGVL._SL1500_by Stephanie MacDonald

Water features aren't just for your dentist's office or your yoga studio anymore. With winter coming along soon, and a few (maybe many, depending where you live) months will be spent inside enjoying the warmth of central heating, but missing out on the sounds and smells of nature. But you don't have to. There are many ways to get the benefits of moving water inside your home. the benefits include stress relief, as decor, to create a soothing environment, or even for natural humidification. Indoor waterfalls are a simple and stunning way to enhance the beauty of your home and welcome guests with elegance.

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