Five tips for decorating a kid’s room from Dulux paint

DULUX Photo 2By Sara Duck

Are you enjoying a stay-cation this March Break? Why not indulge the kid's in a decorating project for their own room? The pro's at Dulux paint give great tips for creating a room your child will love and grow into. Remember to make the decorating day fun, get them involved, take snack breaks, listen to music and enjoy. Happy decorating!

Involve the kids. They’re going to spend a lot of time in the space, so make sure your kids are consulted on the decor. When kids take ownership of a project, they value the outcome that much more. Ask them what colours they want for their rooms, or have them choose their own bedding and work around that colour scheme. Browse magazines and online websites together to get a sense of your children’s taste and preferences. Once the job is done, reserve a space on the wall for your kids to “sign” their work with handprints.
Plan for growth. Kids grow up pretty quickly, so ensure the colours you choose can mature with them. Bright pink may be your child’s favourite colour today, but for a longer-term investment, try settling on dusty rose, which can be adapted for a teen simply by changing the room’s accessories. Pastel hues from any colour family transition well as a child grows and tastes change. Similarly, bolder colours, like royal blue and violet, can suit the tastes of a toddler through to a young adult. “Colours can have a tremendous effect on the mood and well-being of children, so it’s important to do your research before tackling a decor project for a kid’s room,” said Martin Tustin-Fuchs, brand manager of DULUX paint, a brand of PPG Architectural Coatings.
See it their way. Get down on your knees and look at the space from your children’s perspective. Consider creating a more livable environment by painting a focal wall with a mural, like a jungle scene, to ensure the room is a desired place to hang out and play. Or, paint only part of the wall with a whimsical design. That one wall can easily be repainted later on. Affix stars or other fun designs to the ceiling and the kids will actually look forward to bedtime. Glue small toys or puzzle pieces on photo frames, mirrors, curtain rods and lamp tops to add extra appeal.

Think “off the wall.” Consider livening up your child’s room by creating fun-looking walls. Faux finishing is one way to go, from simple methods like sponging to more complicated ragging and combing. Unique designs can easily be made using common household items like plastic bags, container lids, scrub brushes, combs or old clothing. Another option is colour blocking. Choose an accent wall and paint stripes, squares or other geometric shapes using two or three different colours.

Wash worries away: The walls of kids’ rooms go through ample wear and tear, so ensure the paint you use can take a beating. Durability and washability are key features to look for in a paint to prevent scuffs and keep dirt and grime at bay. Use top-of-the-line DULUX Diamond Interior paint, a 100-percent acrylic paint that uses advanced stain-resistant technologies, to safeguard walls. An eggshell or pearl finish is recommended for longest-lasting results.

For more information about DULUX paint and to view colour samples, visit dulux.ca or a DULUX paint store near you.


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