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The new neutral – dynamic neutrals in the laundry room


In my recently completed laundry room, I really wanted to achieve something serene – but not boring – so I chose to utilize a graphic treatment on my floor. In this space I wanted to remain really practical with my budget, so I needed to use a material with minimal cuts and at a reasonable price point. I chose to use simple 12-by-24-inch tile, from Creekside Tile Company, in three neutral shades (black, medium grey and a light grey) and lay the tiles in a herringbone pattern on my floor. This principle could also be applied in a graphic area rug or wall art – think repetitive shapes and contrasting shades for a graphic focal point in your space.

curb appeal - what bench staged front yard

Do you have curb appeal?


Homeowner all share one thing: Whether planning to sell your home today, tomorrow or even in five years, we all want to get top dollar. For years, there has been a lot of focus on raising your home’s value by improving the interior. But what about outside? More studies emphasize the value of curb appeal and first impression – renovating the exterior is worth some huge returns!