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Big impact in small spaces

Unknown-2by Jennifer Rudolph

Bathrooms are the most expensive room per square foot to build or renovate in your home. It’s home to a variety of requirements including plumbing, electrical, venting and heating, not to mention a myriad of finishes all living in harmony in one small space.  Although most of these elements meet practical functional needs, don't overlook the opportunity to showcase materials that offer a little bit of indulgence and invoke a feeling of luxury.  After all it is the place where we rejuvenate and reset daily, so why not.

This project was a heritage home and we wanted to maintain it’s architectural history but also give it the feeling that it had evolved over time.  Adding the custom shaker linen cabinet and shaker wainscotting to the walls instilled the traditional heritage to the bones of the space and provided continuity to the shaker detailing throughout the house. The contemporary walnut vanity is a custom piece, and injects a current feel to the traditional canvas of the space.  Floating vanities or vanities with legs visually have less weight, making a small space feel larger.

Walls were painted an ethereal light blue to give a fresh and airy coastal feeling to the bathroom.  The neutral cool palette and white cabinetry and countertops are warmed up by the wood counterparts found in the vanity, mirror and medicine cabinet.  A silver graphic pattern roman shade modernizes the space.  An art collection of three vintage ladies by a local Vancouver artist adds deep rich hues, layering the interest to a light and serene space.

Unknown-4A custom over scaled mirror was installed all the way to the ceiling to add grandeur and expansion to the space.  The custom linen cabinet was also installed to the ceiling taking the eye upward to a colourful art niche and offering as much storage as possible. Extra long porcelain plank tiles were installed with a wood grain mimicking driftwood.

When planning your bathroom design, take inventory and access the current layout.   Ask yourself if the plumbing fixtures are in the ideal location to maximize space. Moving plumbing locations can be expensive, so access wisely and discuss with your designer or contractor the benefits and costs associated.

Good lighting is often underestimated, especially if the square footage is small.  Invest in layering your lighting, choosing different types of lighting for interest.  Wash your walls with recessed lights, which expand space and add sparkle to plumbing fixtures.  Hanging pendants or wall sconces adds functional lighting but also feature the vanity area.  Wire your switches to connect all the lights to a dimmer, leaving an independent switch for the accent lights.  This gives you the flexibility to have ample light or to create a more relaxed  atmosphere leaving you feeling a little more balanced and tranquil at the end of the day.


The Grey Zone

Screen-Shot-2014-07-28-at-9.18.36-AMBy Mickey Foulds

Colour trends come and go with dramatic frequency. Every year Pantone declares a “colour of the year” which is often a vibrant and dynamic shade (eg.  2014 Radiant Orchid , 2013 Emerald, 2012 Tangerine Tango) -  and which is subsequently seen everywhere in fashion and design. It is no coincidence that, when walking through the mall, all the vendors seem to have similar colours in their windows. This is planned years in advance by a committee of experts and the choice reflects social and global circumstance. This information enables manufacturers to start preparing and supplying fabric, art and accessories in these colours to meet market demand.

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