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It’s a colourful life


By Sara Duck

Potter, designer and author Jonathan Adler is a designing powerhouse on a mission to shake up boring decor with his dazzling, colourful creations. In town as guest speaker at the Interior Design Show, we catch up with this multi-talented designer.

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Sico paint’s latest innovation


Sico Paint has released a new  paint-and-primer-in-one product specifically designed for deep colours! Their new revolutionary TOUCH RESIST TECHNOLOGY paint innovation gives colour surfaces unprecedented richness and depth while providing maximum resistance to scratches, marks and stains. “If you’re going to paint with colour, this is the product to use,” said Mylène Gévry, marketing manager for Sico paint, a brand of PPG Architectural Coatings. She explained that Muse paint is Sico paint’s highest quality, best performing and most sophisticated product to date. “Because the product is ultra-smooth and deep in hue, it will add a wow factor and an unbelievably luxurious, fashionable and artistic feel to any room.”

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Holiday table decor

Holiday decor by lisa canning

By Lisa Canning

I am a big believer that decorating for the holidays should be fun and simple. This table took me 20 minutes to set up and was made up of items I had mainly in storage. For a modern take on table decor here are my favourite tips.

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