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Get gardening in the fall!

T._Apricot_Bty_and_H._Blue_Jacket_verticalThink your gardening days are over? Think again! Fall is the perfect time to plant bulbs that yield spring flowering plants such as daffodils, tulips, hyacinth, crocus and snowdrops. “Fall is one of a gardener’s favourite seasons because it is when you get to plan and create what your garden will look like for the next year,” said Denis Flanagan, Public Relations manager for Landscape Ontario. Here are  some top tips for preparing a garden bed with fall bulbs.


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Make the most of your small outdoor space with these easy tips


Summer is meant to be spent outside; enjoying the sunshine, green landscapes, and firing up the grill. Luckily, you don’t need to have a huge backyard or be an expert gardener to reap the benefits of your outdoor space this summer. According to Mark Cullen, Home Hardware’s Gardening Expert, even those with limited space can enjoy the outdoors by following a few simple tips.

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Embrace what’s left of summer by turning your yard into an outdoor haven


With summer in full swing, there is nothing that Canadians want more than to take advantage of the lazy hazy days outside before entering into the hectic back to work and school routine. By turning your yard into an outdoor oasis, you can still enjoy what’s left of the season. Mark Cullen, Home Hardware’s Gardening Expert, offers his tips to create your own outside oasis.

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